Friday, 2 December 2016

Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 | Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone hope you're all well! It's day 2 of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl and today I will be reviewing an eyeshadow palette that I recently bought from Superdrug. 

The palette I will be reviewing today is the Make Up Revolution 2017 Eyeshadow Palette which contains a whopping 144 different shades! I saw this in the Superdrug magazine with my mum and when I saw that it was on sale for only £10, I knew I had to buy it. 144 colours for £10 sounds amazing right? You normally only get a 4 or 6 shade eyeshadow palette for £10 if it's a drugstore product or £40 if it's high end, so I thought that this deal was amazing. 

I was worried that due to the low price, the pigment wouldn't be that great and you'd have to use a lot of product to actually see it on your eyelids, but that isn't the case for this product at all! All of the colours are really pigmented even the lighter shades. I couldn't swatch all of the shades but I did swatch a few of them. I tried to swatch all of the different types of colours there are in the palette so you could get a feel of what the palette is like. 

I'm really happy about the palette and I think it's great for beginners or people who want to experiment with different colours and don't want to spend masses of money on an eyeshadow palette. 

The packaging of the eyeshadow palette was just a piece of card covering the back but the front of the palette was on show. I like the packaging because you can see what the shades are without having to take the palette out of the packaging, but I also don't like it because the front of the palette could get scratched and I hate buying things that have faults in them! However, mine didn't have any scratches which I'm happy about. 

Packaging: 70/100
Product: 100/100
Price: 100/100 

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on this eyeshadow palette! Make sure you read all of the other bloggers' reviews on their chosen eyeshadow palette (this can be found on my introduction post). 

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