Monday, 12 September 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit & Contour Kit Review

Today's post is all about the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Gleam' Glow Kit and the Cream Contour Kit in shade 'Light'! 

When I went to Florida for the Easter holiday, I knew I had to get my hands on these kits since I saw every make up artist and celebrity using them and everybody was bragging on about how amazing they were. I mean, check it out yourself, that glow kit works miracles and the pigment is just wow! I ended up buying the Glow Kit in Macy's and the Contour Kit in Sephora for $40 each. 

The 'Gleam' Glow Kit consists of 4 shades: 'Hard Candy', 'Mimosa'. 'Starburst' and 'Crushed Pearl'. The shades have pink undertones and therefore are best suited for light and fair skin. I chose this shade of Glow Kit because I'm pretty white all year round and so if I bought the 'That Glow' Kit then I would barely get any use of it since the shades are bronze and are much more dark.

I knew the Glow Kit would be amazing due to looking at so many photos, and so when I tried it out, I was definitely not disappointed! I applied one swipe using a fan brush and immediately my cheekbone had some serious glow. In my mind I was thinking "the game has changed"! The pigment is amazing meaning that literally only one swipe is needed to highlight your face. My favourite shade is 'Crushed Pearl' and I find myself using this shade a lot more than the other shades.

I saw many make up artists on YouTube and on Instagram using the Cream Contour Kit and the coverage looked good and it seemed to sculpt the face really well. The shades include: 'Fair', 'Neutral', 'Banana', 'Java', 'Light Sculpt' and 'Havana'. I think the shades are really good for light skin but personally I find 'Fair' and 'Neutral' way too light for me and they have pink undertones which I don't like. Therefore, I use the shade 'Banana' for concealing my face as well as brightening up any other areas such as the bridge of my nose. The shade I use to contour my cheekbones and nose is 'Java'. I find this shade not too dark and perfect for my skin.

However, I don't really use this Contour Kit since I find the finishing look very cakey and I don't get much coverage under my eyes to cover my eye bags. I also find it hard to apply the product onto my skin since it's not very smooth and it's difficult to blend compared to powdered products. For these reasons, I tend to go for liquid contour products, such as LA Girl and it's also a lot more cheaper! 

Overall, I definitely do recommend the Glow Kits since they are very pigmented and are probably one of the best highlighters that I own and it's definitely worth the price. However, I do not recommend the Cream Contour Kit since I find it cakey, and not easy to apply and blend. 

Please note, that this is just MY opinion and it's nothing factual, and if you do disagree with anything that I said then that is YOUR opinion. Perhaps the products do work well with your skin, or they don't, everybody is different. I also did not write this post to hate on Anastasia Beverly Hills since I do love her products and I would love to buy some more, but this is just my opinion to help people if they do want to buy the products.

On a bright note, I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you would like me to review any other products then please do let me know!

Gleam Glow Kit: Cult Beauty
Cream Contour Kit: Beauty Bay


  1. The glow kit sounds nice! :)

    1. Yeah it's honestly so good, I'd definitely recommend buying it! x


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