Tuesday, 1 November 2016

GAUCHO - Our First Year Anniversary

So my boyfriend and I just recently celebrated our first year anniversary on the 27th of October, and we decided to go to this amazing Argentinian Steak restaurant called Gaucho in Piccadilly Circus. We had been there twice before already and it has now become our favourite steak restaurant and so it only felt right to go there again for our anniversary.

When we arrived we were greeted by a doorman who welcomed us to the restaurant and inside were some receptionists who also welcomed us and introduced us to a waitress who escorted us upstairs to our seats. The setting is very dark but there are beautiful crystal chandeliers and the interior is stunning ranging from faux cow fur on the walls and seats as well as leather. Once seated, the polite waitress gave us a menu each and offered us a range of bread and butter, salt, pepper and chimichurri oil. The layout of the table was beautiful with a lit candle on the side and wine glasses. 

The main menu consists of mainly different types of beef ranging from sirloin to rib eye, but there were many other options such as prawns, burger, ravioli, salmon and chicken. Of course my boyfriend and I had to go for a steak because well it is a steak restaurant, and the steak is just too good to not eat! 

Before placing our order, the waitress asked us what type of beef we like (eg: sirloin or fillet) and how we liked it cooked (I like mine medium - not too much blood but it's still juicy and not hard). She then recommended which beefs we would like based on our preferences by explaining each beef placed on a wooden board. She explained how some are more marble than others. Having the waitress bring the different types of beefs out on a board was exceptionally helpful because it allowed us to see what the different beefs look like and her explaining each one would help us make our choice on the beef that we wanted.

 In the end my boyfriend and I both went for the 'Churrasco de Chorizo' which is the top beef shown on the board. It has lovely seasoning on it and it's pretty thin. I went for the smallest portion size which was 300g (£28.45) but my boyfriend went for the 500g (£39.95). To accompany our steaks, I ordered the 'Cured Beef Salad' and my boyfriend ordered a portion of chips which can I say are the best chips I have ever tried! They are perfectly cooked and have an after taste of vinegar which I don't normally like, but these are amazing! The salad is honestly so good and consists of baby kale, red chicory, manchego and topped with a balsamic glaze. It's so light and is perfect if you get full up quick. 

The prices are quite high with the cheapest steak being £19.95 and the most expensive being £60.40 and so it's a great restaurant to visit for a special occasion because it makes it just that more special. The service is outstanding and the restaurant itself is stunning and it's in a great location! The staff are very welcoming and help you decide on your beef if it is your first time or if you'd like to try something new. 

So overall, I definitely recommend everybody to visit this restaurant in one of its many locations because it is definitely worth the money and serves the best steaks ever! 


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