Monday, 5 September 2016

Everything You'll Need To Go Back To School + Tips!


It is now September, and for many people this marks the start of a new school term (sadly). Since school/college has now officially begun, I have decided to post about what I have bought for my year at college and it is literally everything you'll ever need! 

Yesterday I headed off to Staples rather than WHSmith like I usually do since I find WHSmith slightly too pricey for stationary, and to be honest, I end up losing nearly everything by the end of the year! I grabbed a basket and scanned through everything they had to try and find the best deals and great quality items. I ended up finding some very good deals including 3 for 2 on Staedtler products and half price on notepads, folders and coloured pens. 

I ended up buying:

- Pink Arch Lever Folder
- 10 Pack Black Bic Biro Pens
- 8 Pack Stabilo Boss Highlighters
- 2 10 pack Staedtler HB pencils with rubbers
- Oxford Campus Refill Pad 140 Pages
- Post-it coloured index stickers
- Collins 2016/2017 Diary
- Staedtler Rubber and Sharpener
- Pink See Through Pencil Case
- Pritt Stick Glue
- Paper Mate 8 Pack Multicoloured Pens
- 3 Pack Tipp-Ex

Get Organised

When it comes to school/college, I'm a total neat freak! I like to have everything organised which is why I have to invest in a diary so I can note down homework or assignments that will be due. Nothing can be worse than falling behind in your education and having to catch up on missed out work or work that you simply just forgot about, so my tip is to buy a diary to stay on top of everything! Following from that point, I always buy index stickers so I can just stick it on the page where I have written down any homework, and I always colour code it to each subject. I also use these to mark pages in textbooks that I read. 

If you do multiple subjects or courses, then buy different coloured folders for each subject. This will help you know which folder you're going to need for the day without even having to read what subject it says at the front. To accompany your folder, you could buy matching coloured notepads to each subject, or like me, you could buy one refill pad where you can easily rip out the pages and they're already hole punched, so you can just file this into your folder. This idea is useful since it saves you from having to carry a folder as well as a notepad in your bag which adds a lot more weight, especially if you have more than one subject in a day! This way you can just rip out a few pages from your refill pad and put these in your folder to use for the day.

Colour is Key

I find that colours help me revise and remember information a lot more easily which is why I always invest in highlighters and multicoloured pens. I use these to either highlight or write out keywords/phrases that keep coming up in a certain topic. This helps me remember these keywords, and make sure that I know that word or phrase since it is important! 

Keep it Neat

Throughout my whole time in education, I have always been complimented on my handwriting and how it literally looks like it's been typed and printed. I love keeping my work neat since it helps me read it a lot better and when it comes to revising it'll be a lot less hard work! My absolute pet hate is messy handwriting and people that do not care about how their work looks so my tip is to try and keep your work neat at all times since this will help you learn a lot more. If you tend to make a lot of spelling mistakes then invest in Tipp-Ex so that you don't have to scribble out words which makes your work look messy. 

If you find that you can't keep your handwriting neat, then my tip is to write notes in class and when you get home re-write what you learned in class on a Word document on your laptop and print it off. From there, you can also highlight words and then file it into your folder.

I hope you found these tips very useful, and help you find it easier to learn and later on to revise for exams at the end of the school year. 

If you have any study tips of your own, then please do share by commenting below!

Good luck to everyone who is currently in education, and remember, that if you don't end up getting your desired results at the end of the year, it's okay because there's always another option. 

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