Thursday, 3 November 2016

Better than sex

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing great! I'm starting off this post with some bad news (well it's bad news for me). Yesterday my vase of roses accidentally tipped over and a lot of water ended up going inside of my laptop! I know, terrifying! The worst part is that the laptop is practically brand new since I bought it back in September. It's now not turning on and so I'm going to have to take it to get repaired. Unfortunately, I am now stuck with my old chromebook which can I say is actually super quick, but it doesn't have any of the Windows accessories on it such as Word and so it's literally impossible for me to do any work on it for college since I have to upload documents weekly and can't share them through links like you have to do with google docs. Hopefully I can get my laptop fixed as soon as possible even if I have to pay for the damages!

Onto brighter news, today's post I will be reviewing the 'Better Than Sex' Mascara by Too Faced. It's been out for years now but I never had it down as a beauty product to definitely buy and so I never came round to buying it until now! I was shopping in Debenhams the other day in the hopes of finding a new foundation, and saw it on display and thought that I may as well buy it. They had a new waterproof version, but I bought the original instead for £19. 

I normally use the L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara which is slightly cheaper at £10.99 but have now switched to the Too Faced mascara because 1) it's my most recent beauty purchase and 2) I've decided to switch my make up game.

The box claims to give you voluminous lashes and so I really hoped that this was true because I love having super long lashes with volume even to the point of contemplating whether to invest in eyelash extensions!

After curling my lashes with my rose gold eyelash curler from Primark which was only £1, I applied a coat of the Too Faced mascara and instantly saw a difference. After applying as much as I needed/wanted my lashes were looking super long and full of volume. It honestly looked like I was wearing false lashes which is kind of the look that I want. So, it definitely does do what it says on the box which I'm very pleased about. It also doesn't clump on your lashes which is great because there's nothing worse than you're lashes clumping together so that it looks like you have 3 lashes per eye...definitely not a good look! I'm glad I bought this mascara because it is now my favourite and once this one is finished, I will be buying another! However the L'Oreal Paris mascara is also amazing and gave me volume, but the Better Than Sex mascara definitely overtakes it and wins as my favourite volume mascara because the volume is a lot more noticeable than the L'Oreal Paris one.

I'd definitely recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for long voluminous lashes because boy does this mascara do that! 

Thank you for reading my review on the AMAZING Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' Mascara. I hope you found it useful especially if you are considering to buy the mascara yourself.



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