Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Most Beautiful Make Up Brushes Ever

Good evening, hope you're all doing great and had a fab weekend! 

A few weeks back I was emailed by a lovely lady named Sukie who works for the brands Dress Lily and Sammy Dress who invited me to take part in one of their projects where they send me two items of my choice from one their websites for free and I have to review them. Of course I decided to take part in the project because it was the first time a brand had asked to send me items of MY choice for free! Both Dress Lily and Sammy Dress sell thousands of items ranging from clothing for both men and women, hair (eg: wigs), beauty products, home, shoes and bags, so I had a lot of choice at my fingers. After looking at hundreds of items that I may be interested in, I chose a khaki choker jumper with zips on the elbows (which I will blog about another day) and these make up brushes which I will be reviewing right now from Dress Lily. I decided to go for these items because I had been wanting a choker jumper for ages now but never came round to buying one, and the make up brushes were identical to the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection brushes and I was really in need of some new brushes!

I received these make up brushes as well as the jumper yesterday and I was super excited to open them up to see what the quality and appearance was like. It was my first time ever hearing about or receiving items from Dress Lily and so I had absolutely no clue what I was about to open; it could go badly or actually really well! The make up brushes come in a 7 piece set with all of the essentials that you need including (from left to right): Arched Powder Brush, Triangle Foundation Brush, Tapered Blush Brush, Flat Contour Brush, Tapered Shadow Brush, Oval Shadow Brush and an Angled Liner Brush. When I first opened the brushes they looked amazing, the colours were what I had expected from the photos online, the quality was unreal and the hairs were so soft when I brushed them across my hands and face. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the quality to be top notch since they were priced online at only £8.54 but wow did they prove me wrong!

When applying my make up today, they felt soft and smoothly brushed across my face without a problem. The hairs didn't fall out whilst applying my make up which is great because some of my old brushes (which happen to be from Real Techniques) kept losing hairs when applying my foundation. The foundation brush was brilliant! It was so easy to apply product onto my face and it spread every where nicely and gave me full coverage. The shadow brushes picked up just the right amount of product and were perfect for blending different shades together. Overall, all brushes were perfect and definitely blew me away since they were so cheaply priced online, especially since I got them for free!

Do I like these brushes? Yes, I love them! I'm definitely replacing my old brushes with these new ones since they do not compare at all. They're also a dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection brushes, so if you don't fancy spending lots of money on the real set then these are the perfect, cheaper alternatives. Do I recommend these brushes? I couldn't recommend them any more! They are amazing and so cheap and everything that you need from make up brushes. 

I'm so grateful that Sukie came forward to me and asked me to take part in this project because I am absolutely blown away by the quality and application of these brushes, and I am now aware of a brand that I was unfamiliar with. After receiving these brushes and being happy with the overall result, I will definitely be buying from Dress Lily again. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be posting another review on the choker jumper tomorrow so make sure to keep updated by following my social media accounts which will be listed right at the end of this post.



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