Friday, 5 August 2016

The Perfect Tan Bag

As promised on my Instagram, here is my post about this gorgeous bag from Parfois. 

I bought this bag after my cousin had recommended this shop while we were out in my mum's town before getting my hair cut. I first had my eyes on this beautiful mustard bag which was on sale for 15, but then I spotted this bag which was part of the new collection (I still really want a mustard bag though). It was a little bit more expensive (€24) but it was worth it since I had been after a tan bag for ages but could never find one that I genuinely liked. 

This bag is pretty much similar to the Zara tote bags. It is reversible (the other pattern can be seen in the last picture) but I don't like that pattern, so I won't be using that side. Inside there is also a mini bag with comes with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can use it if you ever need a smaller bag. So, this bag is basically 3-in-1. On the website it is stated as mustard but in reality it is more of a tan colour.

I will definitely be using this bag a lot when I'm back in London, especially when I'm wearing an all black outfit to add a little pop of colour. 

Below I will link the bag since Parfois is available in Debenhams as well as Stansted Airport. 

Bag: Parfois (sold in Debenhams
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